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We Can Help

Perhaps you recognise your business in some of the examples of clients who successfully used our services.

World Wide Distributor based in Suffolk

Had the opportunity to effect a Management Buy Out, which we arranged by raising funds from assets of the business.

Non Executive Directorships

Have previously held with a large property development and investment company with a turnover of £11m.
Also with Cavendish Financial Planning Ltd,and previously with the Chelmsford Primary Care Trust.
Currently with Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Chelmer Housing Partnership and The Consumer Council for Water.

Equity Capital

With a network of 'Business Angels' of over 1,000 potential investors, with capital of £300m available, there are a large number of investors looking for good businesses.

Major Retailing based in Chelmsford

Large fund raising exercise to reschedule debt in a more advantageous way.

Marketing based in Chelmsford, Dartford, Epping

Advised on strategic programmes for Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, Project Managers and a Printing Company.

Refinancing based in Southend

A large number of these have been achieved showing significant savings, including one of over £11,000 per annum.