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We help Businesses in Essex and throughout the Anglian Region to grow and succeed, and with client satisfaction levels over 90%,this indicates that we are actually achieving this for them.
Whatever it is you are looking for we can probably help.

It could be Business Development, writing a Business Plan, looking at Management Structures and Systems, mentoring,marketing and sales, raising Finance by way of a business loan, overdraft or Venture Capital, or something completely different.

We believe every business is unique, and we look to work with you, whether you are starting a business or are already established. You will find us to be flexible in our approach, to ensure you succeed.

We have already helped clients in Essex and throughout the Anglian Region, perhaps some of your competitors, as you can see elsewhere on this site.

We can do the same for you and help move your business on, either by growth or acquisitions.

We will provide you with sound professional business advice that will enable you to get on with running your business, and will COMPLIMENT YOUR OTHER ADVISERS NOT COMPETE WITH THEM.


Please feel free to use our free downloads, they may answer the question that you have. If not then why not take advantage of our offer of a Free Initial Meeting. You can contact us by phone on 01245442412 or 07885 795903, e-mail k.andrew@which.net or use the enquire form on this site.
We look forward to hearing from you.