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General Business Reviews

This can include; Financial, Systems, Operations, Structure. Some or all of these can be assessed, with written reports provided of the findings, and suggested actions to be taken, if apropriate.

Banking / Financial Review

When did you last undertake a review of your current arrangements?, or consider what you might need in the future? We will help you with preparing your business plan, and undertake any, or all of the following;
1 Complete a review of your current arrangements, commenting on interest rate margins, fees, commision charges, and security. 2 Advise on alternative structures, and if required negotiate on your behalf with existing providers, or alternative sources.

Equity Capital

Does your business need a new injection of capital? We can advise on this and provide access to 'Business Angels', and Venture Capitalists.

Non Executive Directorships

We are happy to take on what can be a dynamic appointment for the Company. Bringing fresh eyes to the business can be a great benefit, allowing a new perspective without the day to day involvment.